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Reflecting investigates the
subject of digital connections, portraying how the perception of the self is subject to continuous
metamorphoses when traveling across multiple digital environments. Reflecting activates how our
perception of the self continues to change constructed by the eyes of others and of the Other

represented by technology. The work exposes how our contemporary identity becomes necessarily pre-
structured through the principles and rules of computer mediation and conditioned by the performativity

characteristic of social media. The interactive and multimedia installation reflects on the psychological
dimension of the effects exerted on the self by the digital sociosphere. It explores how we project
fragments of reality into the digital realm, and how it reflects and projects back onto the physical realm.
Such exploration is built on the centrality of self-representations in defining the sense of identity, which is
largely structured on facial images. The work stems from Samaan's reflections on how the digital age has reshaped society and communication by creating voids and walls of unshared, overshared, out-of- control, masked reality, incomplete images, incomplete truth, and fragmented impressions.

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