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Inside the Curtains

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Inside the Curtains I collaboration with Hussein Fakih 
Give us the Museum - Stedelijk Museum - May/June 2018 


This project aimed to simulate mixed feelings and complex emotions evoking from a sudden life shift {notions of home, memories, detachment and time)."lnside the curtains" is a representation of one's immediate detachment from the surroundings, lost in faded memories, nostalgic recollections, hopes, dreams, and confusion. 
We build a two-dimensional interactive audiovisual installation using various media (prints, fabrics, animation and sound). From the outside, you see the soft flying curtains and listen to ambient sounds, as you go inside, you explore the projected animations more closely (we animated a selection of sally's prints and sketches) and experiment with making a sound combination from 3 hanging mono-headphones (each one plays differently).

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