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Understanding AI:

The research started by questioning fiction and reality through dreams and memories, What is real and what is imagined?

It was approached by implementing The artist memories and dreams to a text generating AI, Those memories and dreams were altered, twisted and added on by the AI, the original text is no more and the new text could be both real and unreal.

What makes out experience real? And what makes a story true? 

What can you tell an AI? and what can it tell you? Is it a true exchange of information? Or is it a meaningless collage?

Does it reveal a certain character? And would that make the AI closer in a sense ?

Stories website:

This website was built to show the stories generated by the AI alongside the reflections and characteristics that were given by the artist or by using characterising tools.

The website also reflects the way the AI is adding more layers of uncertainty to the text.

Generative  Touch:​


Is an experiment in generating stories with the human touch.

Each time the sensor is touched a part of the generated story will be revealed.

Rolling Along:

Is an experiment with the same text generated in 3 different AI engines,

It reflects on the changes in the physical structure of the text from one AI to the other. It also imitates the process with the gesture .


Is an experiment where the generated text was read by a distant human figure, making it both familiar and unfamiliar,

Do we connect more to the story if it was presented to us this way?

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