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focus on the Details 

06 October 2018
"Open de Koepel" organized by Architectural Healing and CityScapes foundation in the Koepelgevangenis van Haarlem.


This project aimed to project the soul of the building as a living organism in constant change, while focusing on the details of the building.

“Focus on the Details” is an installation made using various media (sound, photography, light and paint) and it consists of three parts:

•The sound: a combination of sounds from the building which was recorded during a night spent inside the koepelgevangenis.

•The book: A book contains photos that I took for features from around the building.

•The installation: The entire prison cell was painted in black in an attempt to lead the visitors directly to the light on the desk where they could hear the sound and see the book and experience the space in the way it lives outside of our noise.

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