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Sally Samaan

Sally Samaan

Sally Samaan


Sally Samaan (*1988, Syria) is an multidisciplinary artist with a master's degree in Media, Art, Design,
and Technology (2021). She is currently based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Since her project Inside the Curtain (2018), presented at the Stedelijk Museum in the frame of the residency Give Us the
Museum, she has been formulating a new vocabulary that makes extensive use of different technologies,
presented within interactive installations where new media are combined with analogical elements, such as sculptures. Her work explores the blending and merging of the physical and digital realms, and how it births new realities and unforeseen perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Lately, her research is focused on the fragmentations and distortions that emerge in processes of identity formation and communication. She develops situations where human connections and human-machine
interactions create hybrid and experimental commentaries on the state and psychology of the digital age.
Between 2021-2022, Samaan worked on Transmission (a collaboration with Lebanese artist Hussein Faqih), showed in dr8888 museum, Drachten. This work was a broadcasting-based interactive installation where visitors could take part by using QR codes. The project reflected on collective expression and freedom of expression. Her last project, Reflecting, was produced in 2022 during Samaan's residency at iMAL, Brussels, in the framework of the Halaqat project, an European programme implemented by the Goethe Institute in collaboration with Bozar – centre for Fine Arts Brussels, and co-funded by the European commission.


2019-2021 MA MADtech (Media,Art, Design and technology)
Frank Mohr Institute, Groningen, the Netherlands
2007-2012 BA Fine art (Printmaking)
Damascus University, Syria

Exhibitions - Residencies
2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands
This Art Fair- Solo participation
2022 Brussels, Belgium
Halaqat at iMAL - Exhibition / Art Residency
2021 Tilburg, Netherlands
Fried Together - Exhibition
2021 Groningen, Netherlands
Museum nacht - Exhibition
2021 Drachten, Netherlands
Dr8888 Museum - Exhibition / Art Residency
2021 Groningen, Netherlands
MoBi - In Search Of A Self / Exhibition
2021 Screen breach - Digital Exhibition
2020 Groningen, Netherlands
Storytelling through the public space - Window show
2020 Groningen, Netherlands
Represent - Remote Exhibition at NP3
2018 Koepelgevangenis van Haarlem, Netherlands
City Scapes and Architectural Healing - Open de Koepel - Exhibition
2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Stedelijk Museum - Give us the museum - Exhibition / Art Residency

2018-2019 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Volunteer Technical assistance for etching 
2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lino printing workshop 
The Beach foundation
2012 Damascus, Syria
Sculpting With Marble
2011 Damascus, Syria
American Embassy textile printing Workshop with Jacky Kazarian
2010 Damascus , Syria
MEXP Photography Workshop
2009 - 2010 Damascus, Syria 
Cement in Art workshop I and II
2009 - 2010 Damascus, Syria
My Image - Installation Workshop

2023 Halaqat Publication 


2021 Mondrian Fonds

Corona-overbrugging kunstenaar, curator en beschouwer

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